The Dinkable Collection was conceived by Ali Freeman, a serial entrepreneur known for her abundant creativity, passion for pickleball, and a knack for bringing people together to infuse joy into their lives. After venturing into pickleball following a background in tennis, Ali jumped ALL IN and earned her certification as a PPR instructor.

She not only competes in the sport with unwavering dedication but has also discovered a newfound passion for abstract art.

Now, you might be wondering about the intriguing choice of the name 'Dinkable.' Well, let's just say Ali has a penchant for colorful language! We're all familiar with the temptation to utter a few choice words when a shot goes awry on the court, but Ali decided to keep it light-hearted. 'Dinkable' is the enigmatic noun, verb, or adjective you wish to use (or infuse) in such moments but wisely refrain from. It's

Ali's way of playfully teasing herself, the sport, and the everyday catchphrases we toss around.

All these passions and talents coalesced to give birth to a brand that encapsulates Ali's essence—leadership, entrepreneurship, camaraderie, craftsmanship, and, most importantly, fun. This brand boasts a range of original apparel, distinctive gifts, and memorable keepsakes. It made its grand debut in the spring of 2023 and hit the ground running, brimming with exuberance, enthusiasm, passion, and a radiant optimism.

So, hop on the wave and let yourself be carried away by the delightful world of Dinkable, whether you're on the courts or off them.